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How is the stone along the stone chamfered?

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Roadside stone is the most common kind of facing stone. The roadside stone is a square shape when it is processed, and many of the roadside stones we see will have a bevel or rounded corner. Bevels and rounded corners are the chamfers we will say below.

Chamfering refers to cutting an edge into a certain slope, so how is the path along the stone chamfered?

According to Xiaobian, there are many ways to chamfer the stone along the road. The more advanced ones are fully automatic chamfering, and then there are semi-automatic chamfering and artificial chamfering.

Fully automatic chamfering is carried out by using a special chamfering machine. After setting the parameters, it can work automatically. However, there are not many manufacturers using this kind of machine. One is the place of comparison, the other is the usage rate. not tall.

At present, most of the stone factories do not only make roadside stones, but usually do all kinds of fire board, light board, lychee surface and other plates, and do all kinds of road along the stone. Therefore, most stone mills still use semi-automatic and artificial chamfering methods.

The so-called semi-automatic refers to the use of infrared cutting machine to chamfer, when processing the road along the stone first cut the stone into the required thickness, and then cut into the required specifications with the cutter, and finally adjust the inclination of the saw blade It can be chamfered, of course, this method is only suitable for chamfering and not rounding.